Multidisciplinary staff

Thanks to our team of multidisciplinary project managers, our design department is able to advise and support our customers in the optimization and development of new products by designing them in conjunction with the customer.

Compliant parts from the first trials

Whichever sector you work in, La Fonte Ardennaise is always keen to get involved in the study process as early as possible with the aim of design compliant parts at the lowest possible cost.

Digital simulations of mould-filling operations assist in optimising the design of our tools to enhance the quality of the finished product.

Our computer equipment can manage all data formats and can handle fast and secure exchanges We are also able to handle calculations for thermal and mechanical solicitations to meet the most demanding specifications.

Calculation software

  • Catia V5
  • Novacast
  • Machinist type 3D
  • Solidworks
  • Topsolid


3D printing:

Seven companies from the Ardennes region of France, including LA FONTE ARDENNAISE, pooled their resources in 2019 to found 3D METAL INDUSTRIE, which manufactures cores and sand moulds that can be used directly on our DISAMATIC casting projects.

This technology, which has revolutionised the foundry sector, is used to manufacture foundry parts in a very short time and without dies. It has become very important for studies and prototype creation, the production of complex cores and limited runs.