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Our values

For more than 90 years, La Fonte Ardennaise has brought together a community of men and women proud of their know-how and keen to respect the heritage passed on to them by previous generations. 50 new employees join us each year with varied profiles and ages, without considerations other than competence, rigor, involvement, performance and mutual respect.

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our certificates

Health, Safety, Quality,
Environment and Energy

LA FONTE ARDENNAISE places the safety and health of staff, respect for the environment and customer satisfaction at the top of its list of priorities.
It is essential to take these factors into account to guarantee the sustainability of our business and our approach to quality.
We are committed to a voluntary approach to continuous improvement and efficiency to increase our economic competitiveness.
The certifications we have acquired in each area guarantee the strict application of good practices and compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements.

Our certifications:
Our certifications: ISO 45001
Quality : ISO 9001 & IATF 16949
Environment : ISO 14001
Energy saving : ISO 50001

For more information on our QS2E2 policy

ISO 45001 ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 50001 IATF 16949

Research and development


Founded in 1987, the Quality Department is included in the company’s innovation strategy.

In addition to the primary mission of guaranteeing customers the highest quality levels and providing continuous assistance, the company is also addressing the outside world:

  • Member of international standardisation committees for foundries: CEN TC 190 and ISO TC 25
  • Member of the technical foundry commission at the Technical Centre for Foundry Industries
  • Administrator and member of the certification jury
  • Participant in the development of products and specifications with customers.

Also has dedicated resources:

  • Quality monitoring for foreign customers: USA, Japan, Europe…
  • Monitoring of parts for the car market from development to commencement of the series.

Research and development



Located in the Ardennes region of France, historical foundry country, 3D METAL INDUSTRY was created in May 2019. A unique approach in France, 6 foundries including LA FONTE ARDENNAISE, and a design office supported by:

• The State • Private investors • and the UIMM came together to purchase a 3D ExOne SMAX printer.

A machine of which the cutting edge technology makes it possible to reduce the cost and time needed to produce foundry moulds.

These moulds can have much more complex technical specifications than those from traditional techniques.

An essential vector in the development of future foundries in a region that is traditionally an anchor for this sector of activity.