La Fonte Ardennaise

Investments – The historic LA FONTE ARDENNAISE site is reorganising

Publié le 4 March 2019

LFA1, the LA FONTE ARDENNAISE plant built in 1927 at the entrance to Vivier au Court (08) is currently being extended, carrying the investments over the last 10 years to 50 million euros.

La Fonte Ardennaise is discrete, surfing the transformation of the metallurgical sector away from the limelight.

An emblematic Ardennes company, it is currently carrying out works that nobody who walks along the boundary of the group’s historic site can miss.  “Flow, production and speed constraints have forced us to reorganise the entire structure” explains Nicolas GROSDIDIER, Chairman of the Executive Board. 

“The existing building was too small and not high enough. The one we are building is a first phase to put the entire flow online, from moulding to shipping, and including checks and finishing. Currently there are halts to the production flow, so we are going to be able to save precious time, passing from a few days to a few hours to produce parts”.

Investments in 2018 total 5 million euros of which two million just for this 5000 m2 building. In total, over the last 10 years, LA FONTE ARDENNAISE has invested almost 50 million euros.