La Fonte Ardennaise

90 years of expertise and challenges

Publié le 13 October 2017

This special day was marked by visits to 4 sites in the Ardennes to showcase the company’s trades, by discussions with the employees, and by speeches from politicians of which these are some highlights:

“I believe that there is a challenge we must rise to today, which is to help these family-run businesses to continue to grow and above all remain what they are: companies which are rooted and facing the future, embracing the international market. My other wish is that these 90 years be the harbingers of many other birthdays that I will always be delighted to attend! “These were the opening words of the Mayor of Charleville-Mézières, Boris Ravignon.

Representing Philippe Richert, Jean-Luc Warsmann, Vice-Chairman of the Alsace-Champagne-Ardenne-Lorraine regional council, expressed his joy in being part of the event and in finding la Fonte in such good health, underlining the importance of three keywords “Family,

Excellence, Commitment”.

“The difficulty is not success. The real problem is to keep it going over the long term”. By these words, Nicolas Grosdidier told the audience how proud he was to have come so far, with one main priority: “that it lasts, and keeps customers satisfied”. By paying homage to all the generations that have come and gone at La Fonte, the Group’s Managing Director reminded those attending that “none of this would have been possible without the ambition and courage, en 192/. of (his ancestor) Émile Grosdidier “.

Pascal Joly, Préfet of the Ardennes, spoke of the fact that LFA was a flagship business for the Ardennes region, “the European leader in the subcontracted foundry sector”, a title it regularly receives in the rankings.